We are Experts in Trenchless
Pipe Repair and Sewer Pipes

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Who We Are and Why Hurricane Reinstatement Solutions?

We are Experts in Trenchless Pipe Repair and Sewer Pipes

The products designed by HRS are designed by plumbers for plumbers. We have used many competitor products that were available over the last decade and found there was a large gap on quality and reliability on some of the plumbing tools that were available up till 2019. So, we decided to create some of our own plumbing tools to help our team and other plumbers perform lateral pipe cutting reinstatements and pipe scaling jobs faster, with higher success rates.

Our tools can be used many more times than most leading competitors on the market, which makes out tools more affordable, higher quality and more reliable. We make our tools easy to use so that even new plumbers can take advantage of our plumbing tools.

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Pipe Lateral Reinstatement With The Tornado Reinstatement Cutter

Pipes are designed with longevity in mind, but that doesn’t make them impervious to natural wear and tear. A cured-in-place
pipe(CIPP) is a trenchless rehabilitation method that can return severely damaged pipes to working order. The standardprocess
requires inserting a fiberglass cloth or polyester felt tube saturated in resin into a damaged pipe. The resin then cures over the next
day to form a very tight-fitting and corrosion resistant pipe within the damaged pipe.

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Perma Liner and CIPP

Pipe lining (aka pipe relining) is an excavation-free method to repair those corroded pipes without destroying your landscaping.

It is using a trenchless process and relining broken or leaking pipes that are underground. Cured-in-place piping (CIPP) is a process of repairing and restoring existing pipes using liquid resin and textile liner. Another popular option is using an Epoxy Resin like what we use with Perma-Liner.

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February 23, 2022

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July 11, 2020

CIPP – Pipe Lining and HRS Lateral Tools a Perfect Combination

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We are Experts in

Trenchless Pipe Repair and Sewer Pipes

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