Pipe Lateral Reinstatement With The
Tornado Reinstatement Cutter

Pipes are designed with longevity in mind, but that doesn’t make them impervious to natural wear and tear. A cured-in-place pipe(CIPP) is a trenchless rehabilitation method that can return severely damaged pipes to working order. The standard process requires inserting a fiberglass cloth or polyester felt tube saturated in resin into a damaged pipe. The resin then cures over the next day to form a very tight-fitting and corrosion resistant pipe within the damaged pipe.

The Tornado Reinstatement Cutter from
Hurricane Reinstatement Solutions

Hurricane is the best lateral reinstatement cutter on the market today. It’s leading competition takes between 15 and 45 minutes to reinstate a service lateral. The Tornado takes between 15 and 30 seconds. That is a massive difference in time.

Most competing cutters are limited to reinstating between 35 and 40 feet of pipe in any given day. The Tornado can easily reinstate a length of 70 feet or more in less than a minute. It uses a single tool capable of handling 40 reinstatements. That same tool can reinstate plastic, wood, steel, clay, or transit.

Introducing the Tornado ™ Reinstatement Cutter.

The patent pending cutter from H.R.S (Hurricane Reinstatement Solutions) is available for 2” to 6”. This cutter is a quantum leap ahead of the other cutters that are available on the market currently. Here are just a few comparisons:

Why you should choose the tornado
a comparison of products

Makes an oval hole in all pipe types.Does not
Reinstates in 15- 30 secondsReinstatements take 15-45 minutes
Little to no sandingMust sand completely from a 1” hole.
Does not go through plasticGoes through plastic pipe most of the time
Same tool used for plastic,c.i., steel, wood, clay, transit, etcDifferent tools for different types of pipes
Reinstates dry or full of water in 30 secondsPipe must be dry only
Reinstates up to 70 + feet long in less than 1 minuteLimited to about 35 to 39 feet
Able to traverse multiple fittings without loss of cutter powerCannot effectively reinstate with multiple fittings
Will do 40 + reinstatements with 1 toolCan do about 4 reinstatements per tool
All metalDoesn't do metal
American madeNeeds to take class to be able to use
Anyone and we mean anyone can use

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Bought a set of tools last month and they did everything they were supposed to. The tools did everything as advertised. From a journeyman plumber to a first week apprentice, both were able to use the tool, saving us time and money. Mike G.